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Tri-State Hot Water, formerly Paul's Instant Hot Water specializes in restoring hot water caused by hard water deposits and sediment that build up on your coil and in your water tank.  Hard water is microscopic mineral deposits such as iron, calcium, lime, sand and sometimes silt. 

When a coil is used, cold water enters the coil which transfers the heat to the water and it passes through. However, as the water is being heated, deposits attach to the walls of the coil which forms as an insulator within the coil.  Because the coil is "insulated", it slows the heat transfer process thereby restricting the development of hot water. The amount of calcium and lime (magnesium carbonate) released from water is in direct proportion to water temperature and usage. The higher the water temperature or water usage, the more mineral deposits are dropped out of the water. The complaint is that water comes out hot at first and then diminishes as the shower progresses.  Some also experience a discoloration of water and/or loss of water pressure during showers and baths.  

When a water tank is used, the water scale and silt forms an insulating blanket over the bottom head of the heater which, in gas and oil fired models, is the major source of heat exchange. Because the bottom head is covered, recovery time is extended causing longer operational periods.  Gas and oil fired water heaters may rumble and pound as sediment and scale accumulates. Electric water heater elements could sizzle and hiss as accumulation builds up. Heating elements, and the tank bottom in gas and oil heaters, lose direct contact with the water as scale builds up creating higher than normal operating temperatures which reduce the life of the tank, increase repair bills and makes replacement time sooner.

Tri State Hot Water has been delivering quality service to customers in Nassau, Suffolk, The Five Boroughs, Westchester as well as the entire Tri-State area for over 30 years.  We have earned the reputation as being the best in the business.  ALL of our business comes from referrals by either oil companies, plumbers, plumbing supply companies or customers previously serviced by Tri-State Hot Water.   Our service technicians are committed to providing quality service to the customers we serve.  We pride ourselves on delivering the best service with affordable prices and believe that a good reputation, consistent service and customer satisfaction are what make our business a success.    ​

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