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What is coil/tank cleaning?

Coil/Tank cleaning removes the build up of mineral deposits which are natural ingredients in our water which restrict the heat transfer.

What do you use for the cleaning?

We use an environmentally safe mineral de-scaler solution. Once we completed the cleaning, we then flush your system of all the deposits.

How often should this service be performed?

It is all based on the quality of water you have in your home. Most of our customers have them done annually and some customers that go for years between cleanings. Annual maintenance is the best and also recommended. It prevents the build up of scale and assures your equipment will run more efficiently.

How long does it take?

It takes approximately 30-45 minutes for a coil and 60-90 minutes for a water tank.

Do I need to do anything prior to the technician coming?

All we ask is that ample room be provided surrounding the boiler and water tank. We also ask that you leave the boiler on.